Activate Rawmarsh

Rock School

£1.50 per session to learn an instrument

Every Wednesday ages 4-6 – 1 to 1 Tuition 
Every Wednesday ages 6-7 – Rock Out session 
Every Wednesday ages 7-8 – Rock Out session 

1 to 1 tutoring and a Rock out session also

An amazing session run by excellent people who love music and who love to learn and teach children to learn and excel in what they are best at MUSIC. This session is value for money and excellent to gather social skills and learn how to play an instrument.

For more information call Sarah on: 01709 719478.
Must call to inform Sarah before attending. 


Fun Zone - Funded by BBC Children in Need

FREE per session
To find out more telephone 01709 719478 or contact us to arrange a meeting with Sarah so we can find out more about your child.

Free activities for young people with additional needs. Funzone is a highly staffed club for children and young people in Rawmarsh who have additional support needs or disabilities. The sessions include activities such as sports, arts and crafts, computers, team games, messy play, laptops and much more. Beneficial to young people who prefer to play in quieter environments with less people around and the freedom to be themselves. Those who attend contribute towards the running of the group and are encouraged to suggest activities or games that they would like to try.

Guitar Classes

£1.50 per session
Every Wednesday evening during term time

Learn from a guitar playing volunteer

Young volunteers

We are passionate about giving local young people the opportunities they need to achieve their dreams.

One small part we can play is to offer them local volunteering opportunities.  We work with Rawmarsh Community School and Sheffield Hallam University to provide volunteering opportunities.  

School Holiday Activities

We run regular School Holiday Activities. Watch our news page for more details


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